keepupcamp.com is an event presentation and product sale website, owned, administrated and supported by RIPLEY S.M. II, non-VAT paying company based in Romania, which operates sales in accordance with the Romanian Law. 

The products sold through this web site are participation packages at the 2018 KEEP UP! Conference, an annual Zumba® Fitness event of national and international interest organized in Romania by the company that owns this website, mentioned above.

If you use this website and buy products from this website, it means that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the Event.

Please note that further claims are not taken into account. 


  • Event = the 2018 KEEP UP! Conference
  • Organizer = RIPLEY S.M. II
  • ZIN = licensed Zumba® Fitness instructor and ZIN™ member
  • NON-ZIN = trainee or simple fan of the Zumba® Fitness program, that is not a licensed Zumba® instructor and ZIN™ member
  • COMPANION = 11+ yr person accompanying a ZIN or NON-ZIN participant
  • KID = 0-11 yr child of a ZIN or NON-ZIN participant
  • Product = participation package
  • FULL = any type of package that includes accomodation
  • MC = Master Class
  • ZIN™ Only sessions = exclusive learning capsules for ZIN™ Members
  • Optional sessions = ZIN™ Only trainings, not included in the packages, which require separate registration through zumba.com
  • Open sessions = Master Classes and Challenge-Session: Chugether
  • ZIN Pass = access to the ZIN™ Only sessions & open sessions, included in Zumba Packages | ZIN
  • NON-ZIN Pass = acces to the open sessions, included in Zumba Packages | NON-ZIN


• In order to participate as instructor, you must be a ZIN™ member with an account in good standing, at the time of registration and at the time of the event. In case that your ZIN™ account is not in good standing at the time of the event (October 12, 2018), you will only have access to the open sessions.
• Children under 11 of age must be accompanied by an adult.
• Children under 11 of age can not participate in any of the Zumba® classes.
• Children aged 11-18 may participate unaccompanied in Zumba® classes only with the consent of one of the parents, given through the Registration Form.
• Each participant over 11 year of age must submit the Registration Form. On behalf of 11-18 aged participants, this formality must be fulfilled by one of the parents.


• Products are divided in 2 categories:
 Zumba Packages
 No Zumba Packages
• No Zumba | COMPANION packages are intended for 11+ participants.
• No Zumba | KID packages are intended for 0-11 aged children.
• No Zumba | COMPANION and KID packages do not include access to the Zumba® classes. As a result, companions' and under 11 children's attendance to any of these classes is strictly forbidden.
• All purchased packages are non-transferable.
• All Zumba Packages are refundable (see 8. CANCELLATION POLICY).
• All No Zumba Packages are nonrefundable.


The total price you have to pay is the one you see on the site at the time of purchase.


Product is paid online with card, via EuPlatesc.ro (Visa / Maestro / Mastercard), by filling in a form with your card information on the secured page of the payment processor.


• For Zumba Packages, there are two payment options:
 full payment
 RON150 non-refundable deposit
• The deadline for registrations with deposit is August 1.
• The rest of payment shall be paid by September 1 at the latest.


• If you purchase a package with full payment, your enrollment at the event is completed. Your spot at the event is guaranteed.
• If you purchase a package with partial payment, your subscription to the event is registered. Your spot at the event is reserved. After paying your remaining balance, your enrollment is automatically completed and your spot at the event is guaranteed.
• Once you fully paid the Product, you will get a payment confirmation e-mail that is the proof of delivery of the Product.
• Enrollment with partial payment implies your obligation to pay the remaining balance within the terms specified in 6. PAYMENT OPTIONS. Without full payment of your package, your participation in the event is not guaranteed.


• Until July 3, the cancellation fee is 150 RON.
• Starting July 4 and /or in case of non-show, you can not benefit from any refund.
• Please contact us if you cancel your participation and qualify for reimbursement. The refundable amount will be returned within 30 days, less the bank transfer fee, which will be charged out of the total refundable amount.


• Participation in the Event is entirely at your sole risk.
• Organizer through the Event - any member of the staff, the presenters and any other party involved in the conception, production and conduct of the conference - assume no responsibility for the physical well-being of the participants, nor for any injuries, claims or losses arising from their participation in the event.
• Organizer does not take responsibility for potential malfunctions of the services provided by the event's partners.
• Organizer assumes no responsibility for any loss of information due to errors or potential security issues of the server hosting the site or the actions of third parties.


• Throughout the Event, official recordings will be made - photo and video.
• By signing up for the Event, participants agree to be photographed or filmed, in groups or individually.
• Individuals who appear in the captured photos and videos can not have any claim to the Organizer.
• Shooting is allowed, but only outside the boundary of the stage.


• The information collected in the Registration Form includes the name, age, city, e-mail address and telephone number of the participant.
• This information will be used only for contacting the participant and / or for logistical and statistical reasons, will not be provided to third parties and is stored only until the end of the Event.


• Organizer reserves the right to make changes and upgrades to these terms and conditions and product offer, without prior notice and without giving reasons, as well as the right to correct any omissions and inaccuracies in the display that may occur of human errors.
• Please 
come back periodically on the page and carefully re-read this agreement.

Date of the latest amendment: February 12, 2018